Make an Entrance!

The entrance to your home matters!

This home has a side door entrance that walked straight into a cluttered “office” space. Upon entering, guests are guided through a pantry / storage room, into the kitchen, then the living room. This make anyone else queasy?? Not the spaces I want my guest experiencing first in my home! 

entrance before

Here is a view of the other corner of this office space entrance. IMG_3217

Transformation! (understatement, right?!)

Removed ALL evidence of the desks and work space, pulled up the old carpet, painted the walls, built a nice custom bench and shelving with hooks for coats and hung a beautiful barn door to cover that pantry space!

So how to guests get into the house without walking thru the pantry? Keep scrolling…entrance 1

We cut a hole in the wall! Now guest can walk straight into the living room!! entrance

Don’t let an entrance, or lack thereof, bum you out. Call us for help! 


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