Another pink bathroom bites the dust!

I found out after our last flip there is actually a #savethepinkbathroom movement. If I had known, then maybe I would have changed my design choices. Just don’t tell them I didn’t save this one! 

This is one of those bathrooms that makes you shiver and not touch anything without gloves and a face mask! You can see why I was thinking “demo, demo, demo.”

guest bathroom 1

And I think it turned out quite nicely!!! guest bath 1

The tub was actually in good shape, it just needed some elbow grease to clean it up! guest bath tub

New vinyl flooring and paint adds a nice touch. guest bath tub

guest bathroom

Notice the bead board? We added it on the bottom and on the ceiling! Plus the vanity and mirror offer storage options for this small space. This bathroom is now a presentable and functional!!guest bath

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