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Beautiful Custom Front Door

We recently served a lovely family in Abilene that lives in one of my FAVORITE houses in one of my FAVORITE locations in town. This historic home included a beautiful and unique entrance. But time and weather have beaten it down over the years and it was time for a little updating. 20181231_203928484_iOS

At first glance the door is magnificent and who would want to change a thing! But upon closer inspection, it really needed some love. The wood was rotting in several places. 

So we worked with the owners on a plan for ordering a new door from a local door maker. Then created custom trim in a modern design with a contemporary color palette. 

But first, the old must come down….20190123_192140175_iOS

To make room for the new! 20190219_191721849_iOSThe owner also wisely decided to add a concrete step (to replace the old wooden one), which will help their new entrance deal with the weather in the days to come.

Here the trim is starting to come together. Thankfully we know this great trim guy, John Horn, who worked with Joseph to bring this home owner’s vision into reality. 20190220_205144692_iOS20190220_223810858_iOS

I snuck this shot of my hubby working away! See how lovely this house is?!20190221_180330654_iOS

Now for some paint!20190223_230336156_iOS

Here is the view from the inside:20190223_230226208_iOS20190223_230247438_iOS

One final view from the outside with our west Texas sun shining down! My favorite part of this design is that open space above the door that is begging for creativity! I can’t wait to see how the owner adds her own decorations and personal touches! 20190223_202152867_iOS

Thanks for checking out our work!

Let us know if you have a remodel project that could use some help. 

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