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Goodbye 60’s pink tile…

Abilene has a LOT of colorful bathroom tile!! This pale pink bathroom needed a little updating. We were able to use a tile paint from Sherwin Williams to clean it up to a nice white. We normally stick to neutral colors, but this time I went bold with a warm copper for the walls! See what you think.

Before: upstairs bathroom before

…and after! Notice the unique textured floor. We used the same floor design in the downstairs kitchenupstairs bathroom after

You can really get a feel for the pink color in this photo. Notice that power strip hanging from the old light? That’s because this bathroom didn’t even have an outlet. upstairs bathroom before sink

So we also added a plug into the wall. Because bathrooms need outlets!! The cabinets were painted grey and we added a white epoxy counter top. We are always looking for original pieces to keep and in this case, the sink stayed!  upstairs bathroom after sink

One more angle before…upstairs bathroom before angle

and after.upstairs bathroom after angle

We are always learning and growing with each new remodel. But I’m thankful we decided to go a little bold and use some color this time. This copper on the walls is called Chivalry Copper and the grey cabinet color is called Passive, both from Sherwin Williams. The floors are one of my favorite additions and we used Solid Impressions for them.

Check out how the kitchen and living room in this same house were transformed as well! 

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