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What knocking out a brick wall gets you…

Sometimes designing a rehab project is easy. But sometimes, you buy a house with an elevated living room and an L shaped brick wall, and it leaves you stumped as to the best way to fix it up. I came up with several ideas about how to utilize the wall, but at the end of the day, I asked Joseph to knock it down!! And I’m so glad we did.

This is the before picture, standing in the dining room and looking into the living room. That “wall” with the wood paneling is brick on the other side:LR from dining room before

And this is what it looks like now!! I’ll share some more pictures so you can visualize the whole room. LR after

This is the view from standing in the living room in the back corner. This house is a corner lot and it has a front door on two sides! So the opening on the left is one front door, and there is a second front door to the right that leads directly into the dining room. To see a video of Joseph knocking down the wall, click hereLR from corner room before

Without the wall, we get a nice view directly into the kitchen! LR from corner room after

Here is the front door space before…LR before front door

And after! We matched the textured concrete floors to the kitchen, dining, and bathroom  throughout the house. Solid Impressions takes care of our stained concrete needs! And the door is painted Bracing Blue from Sherwin Williams. LR after front door also

Here is a view from walking in the front door before: LR before angle

Now this is the view! LR after side angle

We transformed this wood paneling wall into….LR before center window fan

A one-of-a-kind accent wall! Joseph built this piece directly on the wall and also covered the beam to add to the rustic feel. accent wall

So here is the final view from one front door….LR after from one door

To the other front door! LR after from DR side

Sometimes you don’t know what will happen when you tear out walls or build in features. But we are grateful that this one created an open concept living room and kitchen.

This home is currently for sale in Abilene, TX!

See our Zillow listing here

See how the kitchen turned out here

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