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Fireplace Facelift

Sometimes a homeowner is a very skilled DIY-er and just needs a little help to realize the vision for their project. Together, with the help of our friend John Horn, and a little pinterest inspiration, we were able to update their fireplace into a brilliant focal point in this family’s den.

This is the fireplace before we started. The owner had already removed some wood paneling that covered the walls. 20190423_150117316_iOSWe started with some dry wall work: 20190426_222013451_iOSThen a little trim work. The homeowner had the brilliant idea to match the trim in the room to the design over their doorways in the hallway. Here is the doorway trim as you enter the den (and that’s John working in the background!): 20190423_150534135_iOSAnd you can see the trim in final picture matches! Plus a beautiful custom built mantle and hearth. 20190518_235949027_iOS

The hearth has some neat features.

  • It was built to be easily removable [in case the family chooses to remove it to operate the fireplace]
  • And it was built deeper than the brick to create a seating area

Additionally, the homeowner covered the dated brick with cement to modernize the look! This family is retired Air Force and will use the space above the fireplace to display memorabilia from his career. 

This was a fun project and we are so glad they chose to partner with us to get it done! 

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