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House Flip 341 // The Living Room

One of the most enjoyable parts of remodeling projects is reviewing the before and after photos. Here are a few from a complete house flip we did in 2016. 

This is the living room as seen from the kitchen. The room had dark trim and a large odd mirror with a blue fireplace wall. The room was a great size but dark and outdated.Before living room view from kitchen

We ripped out the pink carpet, took down the dark trim, and took down the mirror. See what we did with the mirror hereDuring - living room mirror down

The wood paneling was nice so we decided to trim the top half from the rest of the room and move it to cover the missing bottom parts of the room. Essentially, creating custom wainscoting in the whole room! We literally had just enough panels for this plan to work!During - living room(2)

Here is the finished product. A little trim and some paint … and voila! The floors are stained concrete from Solid Impressions.ISqx69q6g9e6yv1000000000

Lovely, bright, and ready for a new family! ISukfqoxf0ts6w1000000000

To see the other rooms in this house flip, click on a room: The Kitchen, Guest Bathroom, Master Bathroom.

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