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House Flip: 341 // The Kitchen

Here are some pictures before and after the remodel of the kitchen area, which included a breakfast nook. This view is from the living room. The room through the door on the left was a bit odd. It could be a sitting room, or a large formal dining, or a second family room. See below how we connected the rooms…Before - kitchen view from living room

The kitchen had too many dark and dated components. Before - kitchen and breakfast nook

The original hardware was endearing and porcelain, so we took great care of them and used them in the new design! We like to keep elements that identify original character while bringing the look and feel to a current place. IMG_3484

We decided the front room was too closed off from the kitchen and living room, so we did what all people dread, yet do, in a great remodeling project: we cut through a wall! Here is the before … Before - kitchen view from fridge

And here is the after! We lost some cabinets, but we gained an excellent connection with the other room, plus natural light!IS6abxqjopu0yv1000000000

This is the view from the other room. You can see into the kitchen and living room. ISah3faxphby5w1000000000

The counter tops are poured concrete, which matches the bathroom here . And when we removed the blue backboard, we found the original wood paneling! So we skipped the back splash and left the original charm!After - kitchen(1)

Stained concrete floors throughout the house offer beautiful consistency. This picture also illustrates the wainscoting that connects the living room and kitchen with original wood paneling detail, discussed here.  ISal2lpt7txbyv1000000000

And with a little sanding and stain, the breakfast nook remained a beautiful corner! ISyfqe8u05ye6w1000000000

The final product gives respect to the original house design while updating the colors and features of the kitchen. ISesu2979le96w1000000000

To see the other rooms in this project, click on a room: The Living Room, Guest Bathroom, Master Bathroom.

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