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House Flip: 341 // Guest Bathroom

This room remains my FAVORITE transformation. This is the guest bathroom in the hallway. The pale yellow tile was original from the 50’s.

Before - guest bathroom

This is the view from the original door (yes, I said original, because we moved the door!). That’s a LOT of yellow tile. Before - guest bathroom(1)

And the boxed in toilet (eek!).Before - guest bathroom toilet

The counter top space was very limited. Before - guest bathroom sinkBefore - guest bathroom shower

During the process we found layers of fun wallpaper…During - guest bathroom wallpaper

My worn out husband spent days smashing and removing all those yellow tiles! During - bathroom demo

This picture below shows part of the major redesign. We tore out the wall that boxed in the toilet (it was a hall closet). Then enclosed the original door and built a custom vanity to extend all the way across. In the original door space we added shelving. And the large mirror was custom cut from the odd large mirror we took down from the living room, in this post. We re-purposed the mirror in a great way! And the original sink was lovely so we kept it in place.  During - guest bathroom(1)

Here is the finished product! Poured concrete counter tops offered a way to connect the original counter top with the custom vanity addition. After - guest bathroom(3)

And this is the new door entrance! With our cool lantern light hanging overhead and stained concrete floors from Solid Impressions. After - guest bathroom(2)After - guest bathroom(1)

Plus some lovely new tile in the shower:ISewt8o3rw0nyv1000000000

We were very please with how it turned out! ISqp4251vvn67w1000000000

To see the other rooms in this project, click on a room: The Kitchen, The Living Room, Master Bathroom.

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