Mallory, Abilene Home Owner

When we had some plumbing done, the plumbers left a huge wall in our house that was direct access to the outside. I messaged Sparrowhawk to see if they could repair our wall and the base of our cabinet that had water damage due to our plumbing issue. I was able to just message them some pictures and then SueAnn came out that next day, surveyed the issue, took measurements and they were able to start the work that next week. They did an excellent job and it only took them a couple of hours to complete their entire job.While SueAnn was over surveying our issue she noticed that our bathroom door was off it’s hinges and when I told her that the door we had purchased was a little too wide and a little too long for the door frame, she immediately said they could also do the work to resize the door we had purchased and rehang the door. Sparrowhawk had the door taken to their shop, returned, and rehung within a few days. I would absolutely recommend Sparrowhawk to anyone looking for remodeling or handy work needs.