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Classic White Shower

This is a beautiful, elegant, timeless shower!

This customer had a small bathroom with big issues. Including (1) a corner leaky shower (2) no countertop space with a pedestal sink (3) no bathroom door (4) a window into an exterior room. The bathroom is about 5 feet wide and 8 feet long. After several sketches, we found a layout that would give them a lot more function. And it included a full-size shower!

This is the shower before the renovation.

This is the pedestal sink. There is a window behind that curtain. We enclosed it to create a wall.
The water damage under the old shower was severe.
We removed the whole floor and leveled a new subfloor before starting any rebuilding!
Enclosing the window allowed us to rotate the vanity and toilet. This was the finished product!
Finished shower!! So beautiful.
Up close you can see the hex tile has a slight pattern that paired beautiful with the white wall tile.
We also chose a remnant granite selection to create a smooth and unique shelf for the niche box.
Using a granite shelf is more than aesthetic, but it’s also functional! No grout to clean (imagine those drippy bottles and sticky soap) and it allows the shelf to be 1.5 inches deeper (since we cut it like a window seal).

Some details you might find helpful, for your own project:

  • 4×12 glossy white tile for the walls with arctic white grout
  • 2 inch matte grey hexagon tile on the shower floors with delorean grey grout
  • Shower door is Dreamline Sapphire in Satin Black

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