Guest Bathroom

This was an “everything goes, but the tub” kind of renovation!

This style bathroom is very common in Abilene, with tile wrapping the walls and going into the shower. I laid these pictures out before-then-after from different angles. See what you think!

hall bathroom full before

Tip: Beadboard is a great way to avoid annoying dry wall repairs on part of a wall. When possible, use bead board, trim, and paint to give it a beautiful update! PS It also looks great on ceilings!  hall bathroom full upgradehall shower beforehall shower upgradehall vanity beforehall vanity upgrade

Useless wall heater no-mo!! Now its a beautiful shelf!! hall wall upgrade

“What’s the weirdest thing you found when you demo’d?” This bathroom makes the crazy list! We found copper metal sheets that had been installed in someone’s shower. Then it was tiled over. Which was not water proof and the metal was rusted and molded (GROSS)!  demo rusted tiles

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