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This Bathroom Upgrade was NO JOKE!

Anytime you upgrade a shower or tub, there are a lot of unknowns! This particular shower was not only outdated but it didn’t drain and it had mold in the floor. Plus the tiles were falling off the wall! Someone had glued them to these plywood boards back in the day! door view before 1

Inside of the shower: shower floor before

Once Joseph gutted the shower, we discovered some of the boards were eaten by termites! There was an inactive (thankfully!!) mound under the shower!! This board on the right just disintegrated into a pile on the floor when they guys took it out. Plus you can see mold on that back wall. And the drain had a massive hole in it, which is why the shower hadn’t been draining properly!

No worries, though. Our team of pro’s took care of every detail!! shower termite

Here is the toilet and vanity before the update. Also, you can see my baby bump crashing the picture!! I didn’t notice it at the time (woops) but in a small space its tough to keep my growing tummy from making an appearance! toilet vanity before belly

Plus a wall heater that will be removed! vanity before

Now let’s see some AFTER pictures!!!! New shower! Bead board wainscoting! Grey walls! New Floors! door view upgrade (2)

The new shower floor! LOVE some pebbles!! shower floor upgrade

New toilet and vanity: toilet vanity upgrade

And check out the cute shelf that replaced the old wall heater! vanity upgrade

Here are a few side by side pictures: shower before aftervanity before after

Upgrading bathrooms can be stressful. We work with customers and our contractors to make this process as stress-free as possible. No matter what issues arise during the process, we will work through a plan to fix it RIGHT and as affordably as possible. 


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