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Refinishing Hardwood Floors // 1725

This room has hardwood floors from 1929 which had been painted over. Joseph set out to sand them down and refinish them to their original glory! Or…their aged glory, I suppose. 

room 1 before againRoom 1 before alsoRoom 1 before

After days of sanding, here is their raw beauty. room 1 during

This is the floors after he sealed them! This picture is at night so you can appreciate their full color and character. room 1 after night

This is the room in the daylight. I love the grays mixed with the browns in these floors! Room 1 after

Oh, did I mention he did two rooms?? This second room had carpet over it, so it was a great mystery as to the status of the floors underneath. Thankfully, the floors were fully intact! Unfortunately, years of sloppy painting and neglect were visible on them. But that just meant they needed a little extra attention! (aka: days of sanding)room 2 during paint

A little sanding with this machine and a whole lot of hand sanding later….

(Can you see his excitement at me capturing this great candid!) Room 2 during Joseph

The floors retained a lot of their age and personality…Room 2 during also

But they also stained beautifully!room 2 after trim alsoroom 2 after trim

Let us know if we can help with your next flooring project!

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