Here’s what some of our customers are saying.

Sue and Joseph are so pleasant to work with. Very honest and compassionate. Joseph does above and beyond quality work. Sue takes the time to make sure the product are good quality at a very reasonable price. She is also wonderful at helping with design ideas! I don’t think there is a project these two can’t do. Thanks again for everything you guys do.

Katy, Abilene Vendor

Our new go-to repair company! Trustworthy, flexible with timing that worked for us, quality work. Already lining up the next projects in my mind! Ha!

Karen, Abilene Home Owner

Easy and amazing to work with. Visionary with skills! We love our front door remodel.

Rebekah, Abilene Historic Home Owner

Were easy to work with, creative, did quality work, efficient, did their best to contain messes, helped us keep in budget, left us with a room we can be proud of. Now we consider them friends. Won’t hesitate to call on them again.

Meredith, Abilene Home Owner

Sparrowhawk took care of several clients for me.  They were courteous at each customers house, clean, fast and efficient. They got the job done in a timely manner, communicated their progress, and returned all the paperwork required by a facility management company like myself.  Wish I had a Sparrowhawk in every state. – Sean

National Facility Management Company

When we began planning the renovation of our 110-year-old office building, we had significant concerns.  Who knows what will happen when you start opening up walls?  Joseph did an outstanding job repairing what needed to be repaired, replacing what needed replacing, refinishing what needed to be refinished — and all within the initial quotes that he provided.
Many contractors will create messes and then ask you to pay for them to clean it up.  Whenever it looked like the job was going to become bigger than originally discussed, Joseph would consult with us and discuss alternatives before proceeding.
We appreciate his integrity, his attention to quality, his creativity and his forthright communication.  We are excited to put him back to work when we start the next phase.

Caleb, on the partial remodel of a historic commercial office 

“When we ran into the kinks and stress that comes with doing a major renovation, Joseph was my top pick to come in and assist. He and his wife are actually past students from my birth classes and I also served as their doula when their baby was born a few months ago. ” – read the rest of the blog here – 

The Den