– Mission –

Sparrowhawk serves customers with honest communication and reliable service.

– Vision –

Sparrowhawk provides functional and aesthetic options for clients to improve their homes.

– Core Values –

  • Dependable
  • Honest
  • Listens to customers’ needs
  • Works within a budget

Joseph and I started our company shortly after we married in 2015. Once we completed our first house flip, we were struck with the remodeling bug! We found a passion for renovating older homes and realized we had a great set of skills, as a pair, for completing them. Flipping houses taught us a lot – especially about the personal investment people make, not only in money, but in time and energy.

Joseph is a craftsman, invested in improving his skills with every project.

Sue is a designer, working with customers on style and function.

“Sue is the WORDS, Joseph is the WORKS”  

We make a great team to serve our customers! Give us a call for your next project! – Sue McDonald

We proudly support Pregnancy Resources of Abilene and we help sponsor a Brave One, which is a woman rescued from sex trafficking, with Rescue Her in DFW.