– Mission –

Sparrowhawk serves customers with honest communication and reliable service.

– Vision –

Sparrowhawk provides affordable aesthetic options to customers to improve or repair their properties.

– Core Values –

  • Dependable
  • Honest
  • Listens to customers’ needs
  • Works within a budget

Joseph moved to Abilene in 2012 and subsequently met his lovely wife, Sue Ann. We were married in August 2015 and immediately started growing our family! We are about to welcome our third child in less than 5 years of marriage 🙂 So we have our hands and hearts full at the moment!

Joseph grew up working with his father and grandfather on construction projects and enjoyed improving homes. Joseph is a craftsman at heart and he married a woman with a creative & entrepreneurial spirit. So in January 2016, we naturally started Sparrowhawk.

Our projects have varied a lot in the last few years. We enjoy taking older properties and injecting life into them with updates and renovations. In 2016, we purchased an investment property of our own to remodel and sell. Just after closing, we found out we were pregnant! Because remodeling a house is more fun with a pregnant wife, right?!

House flipping doesn’t occur in 1 hour, like the shows on TV. But the project taught us a lot – especially about the personal investment people make; not only in money, but in time and energy. The remodel was a success. And we signed the papers to sell the house while I was in labor at the hospital! We enjoyed the creative flexibility in flipping and we have continued to renovate old homes for new families. 

Joseph’s strengths are his honesty with customers and his dependable work ethic. He works within a budget to meet your goals, while helping you maximize every dollar. Sue helps customers with design and creative solutions. We make a great team to serve our customers! 

If you have a project for improving your property, whether remodeling a room or a whole house, we will partner with you to make a plan and see it through. We have built relationships with several dependable companies in town to care for your home, top to bottom.

Give us a call for your next project! – Sue McDonald

Sparrowhawk is licensed and bonded in Abilene, TX.

We proudly support Pregnancy Resources of Abilene and we help sponsor a Brave One, which is a woman rescued from sex trafficking, with Rescue Her in DFW.